Addiction is pattern of behaviour that can be extremely hard to break. What happens is that when we are addicted to something our brain becomes obsessed , often to the exclusion of everything else, with the thing we are addicted to. When this happens very rarely can will power work on its own.

The fact that the addiction is harmful, dangerous, expensive, damaging our relationships is irrelevant to the brain because all it cares about is the craving and the relief or pleasure it can get. There can be moments of clear thinking and determination to beat the addiction but our minds are very powerful and can manipulate us into giving in and believing that just one more… no one will know… or I’ll do it tomorrow.

Hypnotherapy can put you back in control.

The only caveat is that you have to be ready for this challenge.

If you are determined to succeed then 10 sessions will be life changing for you.

Never be the former anything. Condoleezza Rice.