How does hypnotherapy work?

During the first half of the session, we will talk in a structured and positive way – this is the therapy bit.

I will lead you with some gentle questions towards solutions, and then, whilst you are in a positive mind set and able to see a first step towards solving your problem I will take you into a soothing trance. Trance is a little like daydreaming; you will be awake ,but relaxed and aware of everything I say. Your mind may wander but that doesn’t matter as its your subconscious mind I am talking to and that will be listening, even if you aren’t.

Please don’t worry about the trance aspect – it’s easy and very effective. What is does is to powerfully reinforce what you have decided that you want to change It embeds the progress of the therapy session giving you more support and determination to succeed.

I will give you an audio recording to play in between sessions which bolsters the power of our session. All you have to do is press play and fall asleep.


        What hypnotherapy isn’t

• It is not stage hypnosis
What I do is nothing like anything you may have seen on television. There is absolutely no element of losing control or your inhibitions. In truth I don’t even know how stage hypnosis works as its so far removed from anything I do but ,unfortunately ,very often it is the first thing that people think of when they hear the word hypnotherapy. What I practice is professional, private, non-voyeuristic and whilst you will be relaxed you will always be in control and aware of everything going on around you.
It is not counselling
Whilst we will discuss things that you want to overcome and any problems that may arise, we won’t need to consider past issues. Counselling can be extremely beneficial in many circumstances and so if you feel that you need to talk and face things that have happened previously this is not the right treatment  for you. My standpoint is that the past has happened, it will have shaped you but if you come to see me you are wanting to move forwards and that is enough for us to move forwards. Sometimes however there are problems and issues that do need to be addressed before you can move on and we will address those so that their power can be broken and you can see a way forwards to freedom from anxiety.

What can hypnotherapy help with?
Hypnotherapy  can be life changing and, when done professionally, it an resolve virtually any problem and transform your life.
Hypnotherapy cannot, however, cure certain physical ailments, such as genetic disorders or psychotic conditions but, in almost every other situation, it can help and ,for many medical conditions where there is no cure such as chronic pain and conditions like tinnitus, hypnotherapy is often the most effective option.

Hypnotherapy is extremely effective in helping conquer stress, anxiety, depression , phobias, addictions, grief, chronic pain, confidence eating disorders (overeating and bulimia / anorexia),grief, fertility issues , sexual and gender matters , confidence, sports and work performance, and public speaking.
So many of us don’t live our best life because something is holding us back. We may know exactly what that is or, as is so often the case, we feel that we just aren’t connecting with something which is caused by our very natural and instinctive fear of change or progress. After the very first session you will see it for what it is and know how to take control.

Children and young adults
The pressures on children and young adults can be enormous but it’s not always easy to ask for or get help. A huge advantage Solution Focused Hypnotherapy has over other therapies is that it is very private. Younger children often can’t articulate what the problem is, and teenagers are sometimes unwilling to do so but I won’t need to ask or pry. I take each person as they are – scared, lonely, unable to make friends, suffering exam stress, addicted to something worrying, having difficulty eating – whatever the issue is we will move forwards together without the need to explain or justify. I will be supportive, a cheerleader and offer hope and strength because I know that I can make things better.
We could all benefit from hypnotherapy at times as it brings a peace to our busy minds allowing us to work out what’s important and what’s false. For children and young adults, even if they don’t quite know what’s wrong that, in itself, can be so helpful.
Children are generally receptive to hypnotherapy from around 8 years of age and I am happy to have a parent sit with their child or, alternatively, I can do an additional free trial session with the parent so it’s clear exactly what I do.

How much does it cost?
There is no cost to get in touch and talk things through with me and then I can give you an estimate of how many sessions you may need. I really like working on zoom but am also happy to see clients in person.

You don’t have to sign up to a series of treatments until after the first session and, because booking a set of  6 gives a certainty and commitment to the process, I offer a significant reduction which amounts to one free session.

 – Zoom.
£ 80 a single session .

£420 for 6 sessions = £70 a session.

 – In person at my clinic.
£85 a single session .

£450 for 6 in person sessions = £75 a session.

This also includes an audio recording which I will ask you to listen to each night before you go to sleep as this reinforces the work we do in sessions. It also becomes yours to keep and use for as long as you need to.
The speed of your progress depends upon what kind of changes you want to make but it is more than likely that you will see positive change after just one session. We will work out what is right for you, but I  promise you that I won’t let the therapy drift on endlessly and so we will work towards a specific end date.

Does hypnotherapy work?

Yes, but only if you genuinely want to change and you engage in the process. Clients who are not thoroughly committed will get some benefit but true and lasting change comes with a decision to engage and also by listening to my audio download(20 minutes) each night before sleep .There can’t be any promises or guarantees given with any therapy but I’ve yet to have a client who hasn’t found hypnotherapy helpful .



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