Solution Focused Hypnotherapy

Advantages of a solution focused hypnotherapy.

Not all hypnotherapy is the same.

Solution focused hypnotherapy is a positive treatment which allows you to find a way out of your problem. In our sessions we will not discuss any of your past issues or trauma but instead look to find a solution and aim to get you into the place you want to be.

The first half of the session is psychotherapy when we move you forwards and in the second half we use trance ( relaxation) to cement the new thoughts and imbed the changes you want to make. This is why hypnotherapy is so powerful. You work towards what you want , what is achievable for you and then I access your subconscious and repeat into it what you have decided. Its a very powerful process , but it is a therapy which creates lasting change, not a magic trick.

How it works is that I accept that you are where you are and therefore we wont need to discuss why or how things have happened .The past is gone, and it can’t be changed but ,you can change your future and that’s the important thing.

My aim is to move you forwards.

Some matters can be resolved in just a couple of sessions, but most take between 6 and 12 which, compared to many talking therapies, is fast. There is however no magic wand or immediate quick fix and you should be wary of anyone who promises you this. All therapy requires our brain to shift , new patterns to form and only when that happens is the change permanent.

Hypnotherapy is a pleasure as well as a therapy as no matter how painful the matter you want to change is hypnotherapy will always be a lovely experience and at the end of each session you will feel invincible and ready to take on the world.