About me

My story  and how my failure to see beyond myself is why I know how to help you. 

I qualified as a counsellor back in 2004 ,before that I worked as a Samaritan and since then I have become a psychoanalyst,  a clinical hypnotherapist , CBTi specialist and trained personally trained as a certified High Performance Coach by Brendon Burchard . I am constantly training and evolving.

But ,the real story begins in the midst of all that when I landed my dream job of CEO of national charity. After a rigorous interview  process I was so excited on my first morning which seemed to be going well but, unknown to me ,whilst I was interviewing for a marketing director a vote of no confidence (in me) was being had because (some) staff thought that the previous CEO and the Board weren’t to be trusted especially to choose a new CEO. The vote failed but when I heard about it I went from confidence and joy to flight in a matter of seconds. I just wanted to quit.

I ploughed on in a state of exhaustion and despondency. I remained in fight or flight mode, unable and unwilling to see any way out of it other than to leave. What I needed was a me , as I am now, who could have explained what was happening – that I needed to get out of my survival brain and to think of solutions – such as stay in a hotel one or two nights a week , realise that it is a great job and I was so lucky , but couldn’t see it. I was blinkered – living on cortisol’s and adrenalines; fully prepared to fight. Obviously, I was totally unaware of what was happening but living on stress, had implications for my home life.

This isn’t unusual – it happens to us all in varying ways. We all have our own stories – we carry stress as if it comes with the job, comes with our lives, or with our pasts or circumstances….

BUT the great and so easy revelation is that things are only stressful if WE ALLOW them to be. Things can be painful, sad, irritating, difficult, unpleasant but stress (which can lead to comes anxiety) is only if we let it. If we peel back to what is the core problem? For me there wasn’t one – once the problems had been resolved it really was just me.

Very often though there will be real issues/problems in our lives and to stop them becoming stressful we have to take control.  Thats is where I come in and help you reset .To take control where you can  and if there is nothing that can be done to help you cope as your best self. Your life is too important to be left to drift .

What I am not.

I am not a coach in a traditional sense. We will be aware of  your past but not be bound by it .Nor am a counsellor or hypnotherapist who reinforces what you already think or think you want.

What I am.

I am a mindset coach and will use all my learning to show you how to stretch your  purpose , your motivation and set your intentions. If someone else motivates or teaches you then it doesn’t last. Real change, permanent change comes from you .

You will achieve a clarity of vision with a clear sense of purpose and meaning, confidence in yourself to operate on the highest level being happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

I work differently with everyone, simply because everyone I work with is different. I don’t follow any templates, instead, I create a bespoke, perfectly fitted programme just for you. I will give you total support and together we will build you up in a powerful and positive way.

I am fully insured; DBS approved, and offer complete confidentiality and professionalism.

I am married, with 2 sons, 1 dog and 3 cats, although that could have increased since posting this (the number of cats, not the sons!)

I also love what I do and will ensure that you feel comfortable and are happy at all times in our sessions.

I really hope that we can work together and get what ever is troubling you sorted as quickly as possible.