We all know that confidence is a mindset but that doesn’t help us conjure it up when we need it.

What do we mean when we talk about confidence? Usually it is the way that we talk to ourselves about what we believe we are worth, what we think we deserve and that then determines the level of expectation we have.

Yet all of this is self imposed and because we tend to only value characteristics that our visible we don’t see our internal strengths  .We see a good looking person who is sporty/wealthy/famous and we value those skills. Yet what about our own kindness, resilience, humour ,work ethic ?

We can all learn to become confident. We need to see the positives in our lives and to not focus on, or mull over ,negatives because confidence simply means being present in the moment, without fear or worrying about something else.

So many of us can sleepwalk through our life and as a result we fail to live our best lives because we are holding something of ourselves back. What we think is protecting us is in fact harming us.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.  Oscar Wilde