We all know that confidence is a mindset but that doesn’t help us conjure it up magically when we need it.

Some people seem to have been born with it whereas, for many of us, feeling confident has become hard to find but it is , however, simply our mind playing tricks on us. Our mind can convince us that because something may have happened in the past that we will always fail or not be as  good as we would wish to be at something. It is strangely trying to protect us from disappointment by lowering our expectations and it usually succeeds as we often just stop trying  but the problem is that  if we fail to take risks we don’t learn or grow .

We can ,however, learn to become confident. We can teach ourselves to look for the positives in our lives and to not focus on , or mull over ,negatives because confidence simply means being present in the moment, without fear or worrying about something else.

So many of us can sleepwalk through our life and as a result we fail to live our best lives because we are holding something of ourselves back. What we think is protecting us is in fact harming us.

Perhaps your lack of confidence stems from a particular moment when something happened to knock your confidence and if so I can quickly reset that button for you. You may know exactly what it was or  you might simply have a vague feeling of unease. That will take around 6 sessions. General low self-esteem may take a little longer, but you will see a difference at 6 sessions although 10 to 12 will make lasting change.

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.  Oscar Wilde