Sleep problems

CBTi - Sleep SolutionsI am a credited CBTi for insomnia practitioner which has been recognised by NICE as the primary and most effective treatment for chronic insomnia and sleep disorders.

CBTi for insomnia has a success rate of 70% . This means that 7 out of 10 people who engage with CBTi for insomnia who aren’t sleeping well will move from within the clinical range of concern to within the normal and healthy range and this usually happens within a few weeks; sometimes it can even be immediate.

The good news is that it is easy and simple to engage with ; a set of simple non threatening steps that improve sleep. It is non drug , non toxic and yet, or because of this, highly successful. Working together we will establish your natural sleep pattern so you know the best times to close your eyes and in addition I will give you a free ,specifically designed and proven to be highly effective, audio to help you to fall asleep.

CBTi and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy are a perfect pairing helping reduce stress and prioritising natural sleep patterns. So after a few sessions you will have taken control ,understand your body’s rhythms and with the  CBTi therapy combined with the sleep audio find yourself so relaxed that you are able to let go and drift into a deep restful sleep each night.