Sleep problems

CBTi - Sleep SolutionsI am fully trained and a credited CBTi for insomnia practitioner .CBTi for insomnia has been recognised by NICE as the primary and most effective treatment for chronic insomnia and sleep disorders.

CBTi for insomnia is a powerful intervention for managing sleep problems with a success rate of 70% so 7 out of 10 people who engage with CBTi for insomnia who aren’t sleeping well will move from within the clinical range of concern to within the normal and healthy range and this usually happens within a few weeks; sometimes it can even be immediate.

CBTi for insomnia is a set of simple non threatening psychological and behavioural steps that improve sleep. It is non drug , non toxic and yet, or because of this, highly successful.

There is strong empirical evidence ,including a systematic review of all the studies of CBT insomnia  (over 400 studies involving 7,000 participants)  that CBTI is effective and CBTi has been recognised as the first-line treatment for chronic insomnia by the  National Institutes of Health consensus and the British Medical Association. This is because CBTi works.

So many of us struggle to do something that should come naturally and the more we focus and try to sleep the harder it becomes. Good sleepers do nothing ; they just close their eyes and go to sleep. You can too , just relax and trust in the scientifically proven process.

Sleep is essential to all of us and without enough of it we struggle in so many ways.

Matthew Walker, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology writes in his book “Why we Sleep”:

We can think of REM sleep like a master piano tuner, one that readjusts the brains emotional instrumentation at night to pitch – perfect precision… Deprive an individual of their REM sleep dreaming state, and the emotional tuning curve of the brain loses its razor-sharp precision. Like viewing an image through frosted glass.

We humans are the only species that deliberately deprive ourselves of sleep and we have been conditioned not to value sleep, even to see it as a waste of time but  once we have trained our bodies it can be very hard to retune our sleep patterns.

CBTi and Solution Focused Hypnotherapy are perfect pairing as once we have a good quality of sleep restored we can then, together, work on any other remaining problems utilising other talk therapies and hypnosis.

Hypnotherapy works wonders here; helping reduce stress and prioritising natural sleep patterns.

You will be offered  a download audio which is designed to help you to fall asleep to. It lasts about 20 minutes and is a soothing countdown to a deep restful sleep. Together we will also create a personalised hypnotherapy to make you look forward to sleep and it will be as easy as simply closing your eyes and relaxing into it.