Sleep problems

Sleep problems.

2 in 3 adults in developed nations don’t get 8 hours sleep a night yet both the World Health Organization and National Sleep Foundation stipulate 8 hours as a health requirement.                             Less than 6 or 7 hours;
• harms our immune system
• doubles the risk of cancer
• substantially increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, heart failure and is a key factor in determining the likelihood of Alzheimer’s disease
Less than 5 hours;
• affects reproduction as testosterone dips men age biologically between 10 to 15 years
• Men have 29% lower sperm count
Its not just physical ailments but sleep helps our memory and creativity

Matthew Walker, Professor of Neuroscience and Psychology writes in his book “Why we Sleep”

We can think of REM sleep like a master piano tuner, one that readjusts the brains emotional instrumentation at night to pitch – perfect precision …Deprive an individual of their REM sleep dreaming state, and the emotional tuning curve of the brain loses its razor-sharp precision. Like viewing an image through frosted glass.

We humans are the only species that deliberately deprive ourselves of sleep and we have been conditioned not to value sleep, even to see it as a waste of time but  once we have trained our bodies it can be very hard to retune our sleep patterns.

Hypnotherapy works wonders here; helping reduce stress and prioritising natural sleep patterns.