Anger issues

Anger can so often be misunderstood as a failure to control our emotions  however, anger stems from a primitive need for early humans to be able to defend themselves  which, would have been both a very useful response and, a highly valued quality.

Despite its evolutionary necessity, nowadays we are rarely in threatening situations when anger is helpful but the emotion is  still there and very real .

People generally don’t intend to hurt us or to make mistakes but sadly they do, and in modern day life anger is no longer either helpful or socially acceptable as a response.

It can be extremely difficult if we feel angry as the consequences of an outburst can be far worse than the original cause of annoyance and often the point we may have been trying to make  becomes lost in the confusion and reactions to our anger. The anger becomes the focus ,not the annoyance .

It is also important to realise that anger is rarely the primary emotion but is instead usually a defence of something else – humiliation , hurt, sadness. We can hide our vulnerability  , we can put up a fight to protect ourselves and its going to be helpful to establish what it is that is at the root; what is this really about.

Hypnotherapy makes this so much easier as I will work with you to quickly reduce stress levels and at the same time, by accessing the subconscious, I can persuade the primitive part of your mind to let go so that you can respond to problems and annoying situations in a way that gets you the results you want.

Its hard to be specific about how long this will take but real progress will made within a couple of sessions and between 6 to 12 sessions will be transformative.

There are no facts only interpretations. Friedrich Nietzsche.