Workplace issues for employers.

Workplace  performance and stress related matters

There can be any number of reasons why staff aren’t performing as well as you would like but, on the whole, taking charge of the situation and doing what you can to remedy the matter will reap dividends. Very often the fact that their employer considers the employee important enough to be offered help is empowering and a benefit in itself.

I can work with groups of your staff or with your employees individually depending on what you think the best way to help.


I also offer a mediation service as it can very often be beneficial to have an external impartial view . My role with mediation is to listen objectively and report back on what the issues are and where possible solutions may be found. You may be interested to see more on this on my work related website

  • Getting the best out of staff performance

Every manager will be able to point to people in their teams who they know are capable of more than they currently give but they don’t know how to get them there. The employee may even agree and might be trying very hard but  yet, something is still holding them back. It could be fear, lack of confidence, a dislike of another member of the team or any number of issues but this one thing is stopping them from performing to their highest level. You may have sent them on various training courses, but nothing has worked and this can be so frustrating to witness.

Hypnotherapy is the answer. I can very quickly prepare them for a specific presentation or a general change in their attitude by being able to access their subconscious where I can subdue the unwanted behaviours or fears and replace them with positive coping systems.

If there is a specific issue or behaviour that needs changing, I can resolve quickly not only saving the employee stress and embarrassment but hypnotherapy can turn them into happier and more engaged employees. It really is a win win situation.

As treatment is private and non-voyeuristic the employee will not feel any embarrassment because they don’t have to open up about personal issues .It is quick, private and a very rewarding experience for all involved.

Assuming that there are no underlying issues to be resolved a workplace improvement will usually only take between 3 and 6 sessions.

  • Workplace stress.

The workplace and businesses can be a huge source of pressure and anxiety. Usually this is within manageable limits but for 1 in 7 of us in the UK this pressure will become unbearable at some stage in our working lives.

It can happen at any level and at any time but rarely do we seek help, instead we stumble on fearful that we might be accused of faking it or of not being taken seriously. This can build on the stress and anxiety, and in turn, contribute to the overall problem. Many people will continue working until they have a breakdown and find they are unable to function as even the most routine decisions have become a challenge. It is often only at this stage, when productivity is compromised, that the situation comes to the attention of the organisation.

As stress is one of the major reasons people take time off work and, by investing in a stress reduction scheme such as hypnotherapy, companies can increase productivity, happiness and subsequently loyalty in their employees .It can be a very wise initial investment saving on sick leave payments, temporary or agency staff fees or, in the worst case scenario, the costs associated with capability or termination of employment.

I can help by stepping in as quickly as possible and hopefully prevent a serious issue from arising because left untreated chronic workplace stress can lead to a wide range of negative health outcomes, from physical health issues to signs of anxiety, depression and low mood.

Compared to other treatments hypnotherapy is remarkably quick with few conditions requiring more than 10 treatments and ,if an early intervention is made, the employee can be properly looked after and often saved from the stress taking a deeper hold.

Anyone who has a hypnotherapy session will thank you for arranging it as it is a moment of structured calm for our over worked minds.