Anxiety and depression

Anxiety  is not permanent and it can be overcome. It is not part of our personality but a way of thinking, intrusive thoughts , doubts , lack of confidence that have seeped into our minds and taken control.

Anxiety can strike at any time. Sometimes it seems to come out of nowhere and take us by surprise  – perhaps there have been a number of different things happening or maybe something from years ago resurfaces to surprise us. Other times we are hit by a blow, a disappointment , a loss or something changes at work , at home or in our life and we are pulled off our axis. Anxiety can be devastating and its always exhausting.

1 in 20 of us suffer from generalised anxiety disorders at some stage in our lives, and many suffer from even more debilitating and life restricting versions of anxiety or depression. Anxiety is something that can happen to any of us , any time. Yet it is fixable.

Hypnotherapy retunes those thoughts, rebalances and resets the thoughts and beliefs that you carry so that the anxiety is rooted out.

Medical solutions are usually anti-depressants and talking therapies which on the whole these only mask the issue . Quite simply anxiety needs to be rooted out and I will do this by working with you in a way that is soothing and you from the first session  you will know how to control your own serotonin naturally (which is the main ingredient of most anti-depressants).

The key to conquering anxiety and depression is learning to sift through unhelpful thoughts, to find and accept your real genuine voice . With help, you will learn how to curate your thoughts and find yourself again.

Being brave is not being unafraid but feeling the fear—and doing it anyway. Gloria Steinem.