Anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression

1 in 20 of us suffer from generalised anxiety disorders at some stage in our lives, and many suffer from even more debilitating and life restricting versions of anxiety or depression.

The causes of both anxiety and depression can be multiple; – inherited issues, the brain not producing enough of certain chemicals, or perhaps the product of an event which has been deeply embedded in the past and may even be long forgotten.

Whatever the initial cause both anxiety and depression are exacerbated by a combination of storing up negative thoughts and by not letting go of things that have happened.

The problem is that these negative thoughts are not real ,it is simply our imagination getting to work, but the brain doesn’t understand this and it stores them so that the next time we are in a similar situation our memory bank will dig up all those thoughts and reel out unhelpful things like – Oh you can’t do that, you should be scared now, you need a drink, and then chemical reactions are triggered causing your body to react as if faced with a life threatening event.

Of course, this isn’t right – it’s simply the whisperings of the ill-disciplined gremlins that can live in our minds and they are lying to us, but it’s difficult to tame them especially when they have firmly taken a hold and we are in the grip of an anxiety attack or depressive disorder.

This is where hypnotherapy works wonders, and you will quickly learn to spot when the gremlins are cajoling you and how to stop them.

The key to conquering anxiety and depression is learning to sift through these thoughts, to find and accept your real genuine voice which is looking after you and to disregard the nonsense, irrational voice.

Ignoring them all is as unhelpful as listening to them all and with help you will learn how to curate your thoughts and find yourself again.

You will also learn how to build up serotonin (the main ingredient of most anti-depressants) naturally and it all starts with a very simple explanation of how your brain works and how anxiety and depression are caused and how you can control them.

How many sessions are needed really depends on each person, but if you are keen to make changes within 6 sessions you will see a new you, but 10 to 12 sessions will generally get you to the person you want to be.

Being brave is not being unafraid but feeling the fear—and doing it anyway. Gloria Steinem.