High Performance Coaching

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  • Do you want to achieve more , be your best self?
  • Feel that you are loosing direction , impetus or direction?

Certified High Performance Coaching  takes you on a journey by asking questions and focusing on subjects you may never have thought about .

You will achieve a clarity of vision with a clear sense of purpose and meaning,  confidence in yourself, to operate on the highest, most optimised level of performance possible.

I want you to reach life mastery of being happy, healthy, and fulfilled all at the same time. I will be at your side and we will work as one.

We will revaluate everything and nothing is off the table we will go on a journey to discover what you really want from life , what motivates you and what , if anything, is stopping you from achieving success, happiness or calm ? It is all about finding your best life so that you are happy with your relationships and who you are as well as in your career.

It is empowering and exciting. There is so much to discover about ourselves as we rarely take the time to probe and take account of where we had success and if we even enjoyed it . We will also examine what you haven’t engaged with and what pulls you down. I like to think of Certified High Performance Coaching as a ladder  thrown down into your thoughts and rung by rung , step by step, you climb up fully supported and see things from a fresh perspective .It differs from business or life coaching where you have an idea of what you might wish to change as this is all about what you don’t yet know .

I will not advise you what to do , but  instead will listen , challenge and support you so that you make new discoveries and realise what is truely important to you. Where your priorities lie and once seen you have clarity , focus and commitment to them. If you cant see what you are searching for then you can never find it.

Each session we will look at a different topic such as ;

  • how much influence you have
  • where is your energy being used
  • how do you persuade others
  • are you clear about what you want from life?

Week by week we land on a different subject and set out to explore what has worked for you and what hasn’t so you can determine your priorities.

I will give you practical and scientifically proven techniques to improve , so you won’t just discover more but you will be supported and armed with solutions and better strategies. It is all positive , exciting and helps you see all your opportunities and supports you to being able to embrace them.

It is a 12 week course which is fixed in terms of topic but completely driven by your thoughts desires and aspirations.

If you like the sound of it drop me a line or call and we can have a free 30 minute strategy call.