Sessions & Prices

Initial consultation 30 mins Free
General Therapy Sessions 50 mins Online (Zoom)  £480 for 6 (£80 a session)

Individual sessions are £85.

In person £540 for 6 (£90 a session)

Individual sessions are £95.

Stop smoking session


Stop smoking is a double but one-off session that does not require an initial consultation. 


90-120 mins


Number of sessions required.

No therapy is an immediate quick fix solution, and it can take time. It is all about gently remoulding the brain and whilst initial change will happen quickly, often in only a couple of weeks ,  for deep rooted anxieties is not unusual for clients to have 12 sessions to ensure that there’s no going back . You will however feel the benefits after a few sessions and understand that it is working but ,if you want the change to be permanent, it can be worth a few more sessions to really embed the changes.

Phobias or specific concerns usually only take 3 sessions but I will be able to advise on that during the initial consultation.

I work in 6 week blocks because after 6 sessions you will be feeling better and be able to see that the process working. It gives us time to pause reassess, and make sure that you are happy with what we are doing.

It is also a two way process and whilst I am responsible for guiding the therapy it is important that you commit to change as if you want things to improve hypnotherapy can make change that lasts forever but your determination and willingness to change is key. It is a life changing skill that you will learn, and you will always be able to see the world from a resilient place and of course the positive relaxation audio is yours to keep and use forever.


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