Terms and conditions

Rachel Newman Hypnotherapy.


I understand that;–
• I am embarking on a course of solution focused hypnotherapy from Rachel Newman who is a qualified hypnotherapist.
• My therapist is insured, DBS checked, registered with the appropriate professional bodies, receives regular supervision and attends continuing development training to keep up to date with latest neuroscience developments.
• I will be always treated with respect and care.
• There are no guarantees of change although full engagement will greatly enhance the success of the therapy. As such I agree to listen to the relaxation audio and to complete any homework set by the therapist.
• I am contractually bound to pay the fee as agreed with the therapist each week and understand that full payment will be owing if I cancel giving less than 48 hours’ notice or if in the therapist’s opinion I am unfit to participate in a session.
• Disclosure of all information to the hypnotherapist shall remain confidential unless there are exceptional circumstances when my therapist deems it necessary to safeguard myself or others.
• Any notes made or personal details shall be held in strict accordance with GDPR (data protection) guidelines and I give informed consent to this.
• If I have any questions about my treatment or this agreement I shall ask.

I have read this agreement and accept the treatment on these terms.


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Therapist’s name: Rachel Newman