Workplace stress

Work issues can take over everything in your life. This can feel unfair as no doubt you need your job and may enjoy your work apart from this one particular issue which is threatening to ruin everything.

There can be any number of stresses at work but most common are too much work / pressure , bullying (its often not clearly seen as this though) or not fitting in. Whatever the cause of the stress it has to be stopped and it may be that you will need to initiate an internal HR process or take some action but give working with me a go first.

Together we will identify exactly what the issue is and build your strength and resilience up so that whatever the next step is you can cope with it from a calm, strong and graciously assertive position. Very often with you being fortified and resilient the issue floats away as it becomes easier to say no thank you , to smile and walk away but if it doesn’t you will be in control and enjoy getting your power back and making sure that problems are addressed.

You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step. Dr Martin Luther King Jr.