Weight gain and eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia

 a)  Unwanted weight gain.
The eat less and exercise more advice doesn’t always work and for most of us weight loss is extremely hard.

The problem is that being overweight also  means having an excess of hormones as they are created in proportion to our body fat and these hormones  control the way our brain works. So, for example ,the more overweight we are the more cortisol we make and ,as this is a stress hormone ,it signals danger to our brain which it translates into the need to conserve food. I can help you reduce stress and so rewire your brain so that it can let go of temptations and give you motivation by visualising your future self.

It works and is a lasting change so you will keep the weight off – permanently.

b) Eating disorders.
Whether you suffer from Anorexia (AN) , bulimia , binge eating (BED) or any other form of eating disorder, whatever stage you are at, if you want to get help please call me. I will offer you a free first session so that if you can give a hypnotherapy treatment a chance ,without any risk .

Please reach out to me if you want to get on top of things and be in control . I have successfully worked with young adults with eating disorders, and I promise not to question your past decisions. I won’t ask you any awkward or personal questions, but, if you are ready to get control back over your body then contact me instantly; don’t wait a moment longer.

Your life is too precious for you not to make the most of it. Call me now.