Weight gain and eating disorders including anorexia and bulimia

 a)  Unwanted weight .

The eat less and exercise more advice doesn’t always work. Constant denial and forcing ourselves to be good inevitably breaks down.

Focussing on food and calories send our brains an unhelpful and confused message which ultimately makes us crave food and calories even more. So the only solution is to change our mindset and hypnotherapy is able to re programme and adjust thoughts so that you can let go of the constant obsession with food and to just eat by the rules you will now set. We will work on specific cravings , weak points in the day and strengthen your resistance but fundamentally hypnotherapy will help you to stop over eating.

To explain this even better than I here here is an unsolicited email from a client I saw a while ago.

The reason I thought of you is because my chocolate / sugar addiction has gone.  I was a little sceptical starting hypnotherapy (would it work for me?) and when we finished our sessions, the chocolate / sugar cravings were much reduced but still slightly there in the background.  Happy to say the cravings have now gone completely and as a result, I have stopped eating sugar for the first time in my life.  I have tried not eating chocolate in the past but the relentless nagging craving meant the abstinence didn’t last long – this time I haven’t eaten sugar for 2.5 months and not been bothered by it at all because the intensity of it all has disappeared.  (I had a bite of flapjack during February half term and didn’t really enjoy it!!)  I have managed to lose 1.5 stones since the beginning of the year.  Even that has felt relatively easy without the battle with my cravings.   I can hardly believe it Rachel, it feels like a miracle!!  Thank you again for all you did to set me on this path – I quite literally couldn’t do this without your help last year.

b) Eating disorders.
However you are struggling, whatever stage you are at, if you want to get help please call me. I will offer you a free first session so that if you can give a hypnotherapy treatment a chance ,without any risk .It is very hard to break free with will power alone because your mind is holding on to patterns of behaviour that ,whilst they are harmful and you want to break free from them, are powerful and override good intentions.

Please reach out to me if you want to get on top of things and be in control . I have successfully worked with young adults with eating disorders, and I promise not to question your past decisions. I won’t ask you any awkward or personal questions, but, if you are ready to get control back over your body then contact me instantly; don’t wait a moment longer.

Your life is too precious for you not to make the most of it. Call me now.