Couples therapy

Sometimes we simply can’t say what we mean . We can stop talking because we are afraid of what we may say or hear.

Even when there is communication the things that are argued about are rarely the things that are causing the pain but instead they are the way we express our unhappiness .We can get trapped in arguing over details that really don’t matter and so the arguments can go back and forth over old ground never finding resolution .The true causes of unhappiness never being addressed.

Instead I can help redirect your thoughts to what is it that you really want? What is important to you? So that you can discover what is really going on.

My role is not to arbitrate or pass judgement but to deepen your understanding of the situation you are are in. I will ask each of you to just talk , say your version of what is happening , unedited and free from criticism. There is never a need to plan or prepare , instead I just ask that you just to come with a calm open mind and be prepared to listen.

There is no guarantee what the outcome of therapy may be  and I understand that this can be scary. You will be apprehensive . I can however  assure you of a calm safe place where there will no opinions or advice on whether you  should stay together ,or separate, but the support to explore ideas and options and whatever the next step is I will be there to support you.

Whilst with couples therapy the approach is all about understanding , and there is no hypnotherapy involved, I will still give you with my relaxation audio that you can play at home which will provide comfort and rest allowing you to move towards clarity.