Heart break.



The hardest part of life. Whilst grief is a natural process that doesn’t make the pain any less unbearable. So often we worry about things we said or didn’t say even though we rationally know that none of that mattered and what we should be doing is loving and remembering our loved ones.

It can also be incredibly hard caring for someone who is long term very ill , suffering from dementia or dying, but I can help you cope and make sure that you don’t miss out on the special moments that occur even in the hardest of times.

Grief and loss is possibly the hardest thing to deal with as there are no solutions or cures so yes, we have to sit with it but there is also love, remembrance with love and joy. Grief holds us away from the love and purpose of your loved one’s life.

I can’t take away your loss but I can soften any bad memories or regrets and open you up to grieving with love rather than regret or pain. We can change your mindset from locked down in grief to remembering and holding on to the love.

Moving on from a broken heart

Knowing that a relationship is over doesn’t mean that the pain goes away  as the emotions can be unbearable – shock, guilt, despair, hurt, anger, love … It can be overwhelming, and sometimes the only solution seems to be to give in to an emotional tsunami.

We can work on finding your sense of self and purpose again . It doesn’t mean that you will forget but you can get you back in control and ready to walk out of that relationship’s shadow into the new stronger you.

We always did feel the same, we just saw it from different points of view. Bob Dylan.