Sexuality and LGBTQ+matters

The issue for every single one of us as human beings is to be able to understand what is really important to us, what is false or irrelevant and how to learn to live our best self.

That can be even harder the more we fear being able to be completely open and honest about who we are and what we feel. But whilst we are all unique, we are also all equal and deserve to find our path.

During our sessions I will take you to a calm place where you can decide what you want from your life and I will work with you to find solutions.

We will do this on a one small step at a time basis with you leading because only you can know what you want and how quickly you want to move.

It may be that you are seeking inner calm, freedom from anxiety or a more wholescale revaluation of your life choices. Whatever stage you are at our sessions will make it easier to see your potential and allow you to visualise your preferred future self.

If someone tells you who they are, consider how lucky you are to be gifted with that gift – gasp in awe and applaud with gusto . Glennon Doyle.