How to win at sport/ work/ life in 8 steps.

Rachel Newman HypnotherapistHow to win at sport/ work/ life in 8 steps.

Step one.
Realise that you can’t control anything other than how you perform.
It is the only thing to concentrate on – make sure that you are prepared, that you have the right equipment but focus your mind on your performance.
You can’t control how your teammates play, the mind games your opponents may try or even their performance, not to mention the weather, quality of the pitch /track etc.
So do not be distracted by these things – it is what it is. You will deal with it because you have no choice. Accept the situation and move on. You can only control you – so focus on your game and how to be your best.
Calm your mind; let the pressure and noise blur out of focus, breathe deeply and concentrate on your body, your strength your determination.

Step two.
You go out and play your best game every single time because why would you not? Who else are you playing for as you are your own judge and critic?
You focus on what you need to do – or else what is the point? Why are you there? You are there for the sole purpose to be the best you – so you can enjoy that wonderful feeling of having pushed yourself and learnt that bit more about how you perform. That rush of endorphins which surge when you’ve done something which deserves to be rewarded.
If that isn’t how you feel, give it up, find a new sport or hobby because life is too short and fragile to spend time pretending, or doing, something you don’t really want to be doing.

Step three.
Understand the difference between winning and performing well.

Step four.
If you do mess up move on immediately. There will be plenty of time for analysis (not self-reproach) later, but right now zap it away. There’s no time to be distracted. Brush it off and concentrate on the next opportunity. Keep your focus and think positively. If you play on well it will be forgotten but if you carry it with you through the rest of the game/race/ match it will overwhelm and exhaust you.

Step five.
Afterwards you can look at what could have gone better calmly and analytically but only listen to the advice from those you respect. There’s always room for improvement so you can learn from things that didn’t go to plan.
If it was just one of those things; you made an error or maybe someone was simply better than you – that happens. Own it and then move on.

Step six.
It’s all a learning process – no matter how good you may get you will need to keep improving and that will happen. Be confident – accept that each time you put yourself out there in training or competitively you grow and get better. It’s a process.

Step seven.
Never believe the hype. If you win or reach your goal that is wonderful but don’t make the trophy the everything. It’s about the love of what you are doing otherwise you reach the ultimate achievement and then what? So, enjoy it for what it is, sport, fun, a challenge and being able to be your very best self.

Step eight.
Hypnotherapy works because all this may seem so straightforward and easy to know but in the moment that it matters can you count on you remembering it?
Hypnotherapy works so well with sports performance because it instils confidence and focus so powerfully that it becomes natural.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then is not an act, but a habit.” ARISTOTLE