Hypnotherapy Worked For Me

I was diagnosed with prostate cancer Jan 2022 and needed surgery to remove my prostate gland under general anaesthesia. Within days, I was suffering from severe anxiety. I couldn’t sleep, eat or concentrate on anything. My mind was in a devastating downward spiral of irrational fear of the procedure despite being in full knowledge that it was extremely safe and being performed by a team of highly trained professionals there to help and give me the best possible chance of a long and healthy life.

I contacted my GP for help and was given a list of self-help groups that might be of interest to me with the promise that he would be in contact in the future to see how I was getting on. My anxiety increased with this. My need was urgent as the operation was looming in a matter of weeks!

I decided to give hypnotherapy a go as Sigmund Freud, phobias etc sprang to mind. Perhaps, I thought, there could be help here as the problem was most definitely in my head and once that was sorted, the cancer could be handled by the medics. That’s how I got in touch with Rachel as a hypnotherapist. I emailed and explained my problem and her response was positive and so reassuring that the dark cloud of fear already seemed less oppressive. She was confident the we could sort this and WE did! Hypnotherapy, I discovered, is very much a ‘we’ thing. It takes two. From a personal perspective, I discovered that by allowing myself to be receptive, open and truly willing and wanting to change my mental state, I could see the world anew and overcome my irrational fear.

After my first session with Rachel, I was already returning to life. The severe anxiety was lifting. By the day of the procedure, I was relaxed, cheerful and confident. I was wheeled into the operation theatre without the need for sedation, happy and content knowing that I was in safe hands and above all, pleased that I was making the job of our NHS professionals so much easier and pleasant for them. As to my nearest and dearest, it was me reassuring them that there was nothing to worry about and hence making the whole experience so much better for all concerned including myself.

Rachel did a brilliant thing for me. I will forever be grateful. I unreservedly recommend Rachel to anyone who is open and sincere about getting help from hypnotherapy. BUT it is a WE thing and there’s no magic pill!

Positive change

It has been really lovely to work with Rachel and I learned so much about myself during every session. I was curious to see whether hypnotherapy would work and I am delighted and so grateful that it has. After years of feeling like my will and determination would never be enough to achieve what I wanted, I now feel like there’s hope. I can confidently say that I have changed for the better as a result of hypnotherapy with Rachel, and to me, that is a miracle at work. Thank you Rachel for all your help and support.


I just finished a 6 session course with Rachel, I was struggling with anxiety which stemmed from my cancer diagnosis, I was having lots of appointments and uncertainty which made me start to feel anxious and like I’d lost a bit of control in other areas of my life. Rachel got to the point with me so quickly and really helped me relax and understand why I was feeling like this- and showed me how to get some control back. I would 100% recommend Rachel to anyone, for anything. I feel so much better after just 6 sessions and each day I can use the techniques Rachel gave me. Thank you so much!


I recently had the privilege of working with Rachel through her hypnotherapy sessions, and the experience has been nothing short of extraordinary. At a point in my life where I was grappling with profound challenges and uncertainties, I decided to explore hypnotherapy, despite not knowing exactly what to expect.

After scouring online resources, I stumbled upon Rachel, and from our initial chat, it was evident that she was the right fit for me. Her perceptiveness stood out as she approached my issues from unique angles, providing insights that I had not considered before. This immediately instilled a sense of confidence in her ability to guide me through my journey.

Each session with Rachel proved to be a powerful and transformative experience. Through hypnotherapy, she skilfully delved into my inner thoughts, reshaping my perceptions of the world and my place in it. Her approach was not only professional but also deeply empathetic, creating a safe space for exploration and healing.

I must admit that I am not one to write reviews, but the impact of Rachel’s hypnotherapy sessions has compelled me to share my experience. I wholeheartedly recommend her services to anyone seeking positive change in their life. The investment of time and money in working with Rachel is undoubtedly well spent, as the results are nothing short of life-altering.

In conclusion, Rachel Newman is a talented and compassionate hypnotherapist who has the unique ability to guide individuals through a profound journey of self-discovery and transformation. If you are considering hypnotherapy, look no further—Rachel comes highly recommended.

Weight loss

I immediately liked Rachel’s calm, non-judgemental style. I started to realise that I had been lying to myself that I was overweight. Even when the doctor had said I had type 2 diabetes I didn’t get it. But Rachel explained that holding on to stress means holding on to fat. We worked on reducing stress, which has made me happy and relaxed. It’s been 5 weeks and I’m sticking to my diet and no longer want to binge eat.


I was recommended to see Rachel and try hypnotherapy by a friend who was insistent that it would be life changing – and it has been. I was in a very low place; everything was going wrong. It was one thing piling on top of another. At first I think I just found a moment of peace in the sessions but then after about 5 weeks a miracle happened and it all just clicked. I was back in control, able to make decisions and now, 10 weeks later I have my life back, and I’m happy, genuinely really happy. Thank you.


I went to see Rachel for anxiety. I had a promotion which should have been great, but it was all too much, for me, the kids and I felt such a fraud. From the Initial Consultation I understood exactly what I needed to do. It took just 6 sessions of learning to notice the good stuff, to let go of what I can’t control and what was distressing me. Now I feel free, and I really don’t think that I will ever let things get out of control again.


If I’m honest I’m not certain that I was committed to giving up smoking but I felt I needed to try as my partner had just stopped over Christmas as I was embarrassed that I couldn’t ‘just stop’. I really thought the hypnotherapy would fail… but 3 months on I haven’t given smoking more than a brief thought and the best bit is that I haven’t resorted to snacking as a substitute (like my partner has) so I haven’t put weight on. I’m no longer a smoker and that’s thanks to a morning with Rachel.