Weight loss

I immediately liked Rachel’s calm, non-judgemental style. I started to realise that I had been lying to myself that I was overweight. Even when the doctor had said I had type 2 diabetes I didn’t get it. But Rachel explained that holding on to stress means holding on to fat. We worked on reducing stress, which has made me happy and relaxed. It’s been 5 weeks and I’m sticking to my diet and no longer want to binge eat.


I was recommended to see Rachel and try hypnotherapy by a friend who was insistent that it would be life changing – and it has been. I was in a very low place; everything was going wrong. It was one thing piling on top of another. At first I think I just found a moment of peace in the sessions but then after about 5 weeks a miracle happened and it all just clicked. I was back in control, able to make decisions and now, 10 weeks later I have my life back, and I’m happy, genuinely really happy. Thank you.


I went to see Rachel for anxiety. I had a promotion which should have been great, but it was all too much, for me, the kids and I felt such a fraud. From the Initial Consultation I understood exactly what I needed to do. It took just 6 sessions of learning to notice the good stuff, to let go of what I can’t control and what was distressing me. Now I feel free, and I really don’t think that I will ever let things get out of control again.


If I’m honest I’m not certain that I was committed to giving up smoking but I felt I needed to try as my partner had just stopped over Christmas as I was embarrassed that I couldn’t ‘just stop’. I really thought the hypnotherapy would fail… but 3 months on I haven’t given smoking more than a brief thought and the best bit is that I haven’t resorted to snacking as a substitute (like my partner has) so I haven’t put weight on. I’m no longer a smoker and that’s thanks to a morning with Rachel.